maanantaina, kesäkuuta 26, 2006

Blogit ovat terapeuttisia

Pitkään on tiedetty kirjoittamisen vähentävän ihmisen stressiä. Nyt tämä on todistettu blogienkin kohdalla. Asiasta kertoo omassa blogissaan psykologi Deborah Serani:
Dr. Deborah Serani: Blogging Seen As Good Therapy: "A new study finds that blogs are more likely to deal with personal matters than politics or current events, and nearly 50% of bloggers see the activity as a form of therapy."

Deborah Serani lainaa AOL:n Bill Schreineria:
"In a way, blogs serve as oral history. When it comes to sharing blogs and reading other people's blogs, we like to connect with people, learn about their lives, and find common ground. There's no pressure to write about a particular subject or keep blogs maintained a certain way, and it's not necessarily a popularity contest."

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