sunnuntaina, elokuuta 20, 2006

Anne Davis kokemuksella blogien opetuskäytöstä

Anne Davisin EduBlog Insights kuvailee ja keskustelee blogien opetuskäytöstä kokemuksen äänellä.

Hän tiivistää kokemustaan eräälle uusille blogien opetuskäyttöön kouluttautuville opettajille seuraavasti:

There is great potential in the power of blogging and commenting. Blogs can be short, quick writes that give students the practice they need to learn from putting their thoughts down and then engaging in the dialogue about the process, both online and in the classroom. It’s about the process and improvement and giving ownership to students of their work. It’s about having an audience that reaches far outside the walls of our classrooms. Good teachers stand by their students during this process. They encourage, guide and help students discover and learn right along with them as they blog. Good teachers model responsible blogging. Students begin to develop their voices and get the practice needed to be better writers and thinkers. Caring readers recognize and respect that the more students blog the more they will improve their writing and thinking skills.. The process involves learning, the shaping and reshaping of ideas, and the think-rethink process that blogs can encourage. The goal is to give students a rich and diverse array of writing experience that will inspire them to want to write in their blogs and improve that writing themselves. In the process they will be encountering many perspectives that can help them become better thinkers. You will be fostering potential and leading them to becoming life-long learners themselves! Enjoy the journey!

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